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Acoustic Guitars made by Ayers Guitar

Handmade using the finest solid woods

Ayers has been building handmade acoustic guitars since 1989. We use woods such as Sitka Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Koa, Ovangol, German Maple, Mahogany, East Indian Rosewood and other species to handcraft our instruments. Ayers has been widely distributed in Europe, Asia and Austrilia with broad acclaim. With our direct to consumer, internet based approached we can offer some of the finest handmade acoustic guitars for sale at prices well below what many other larger brands charge. To help show the confidence in our acoustic guitars we offer you a FREE 21 day test drive, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, 100% trade up program and lifetime warranty. All along the way we support you the customer. An added benefit to our centralized internet sales model is direct contact with Ayers Guitar USA based in Dallas Texas. You deal directly with us on all issues. From presales technical support to selecting the right tone & body size, to support after the sale. We handle it all. The buck stops here. Try an Ayers Acoustic Guitar today.
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