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Series 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 09
Online Starting Price $699 $1199 $1199 $1299 $1599 $1699 $1799 $2399
Body Size D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O O D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O D, A, SJ, O D, A
Cutaway Option Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Top Western Red Cedar Sitka Spruce 2A African Mahogany Sitka Spruce 2A Sitka Spruce 2A Engelmann
Spruce 3A
Sitka Spruce 3A Koa 4A
Back & Sides Rosewood Plywood Vietnamese Mahogany African Mahogany Ovangkol German Maple East Indian Rosewood Koa 4A
Neck 3 Piece African Mahogany 1 Piece Vietnamese Mahogany 1 Piece African Mahogany S S S S s
Tuners Gotoh 301 Chrome S S S Gotoh 301 Gold w/ Ebony Knobs S S Gotoh 501 Gold w/ Ebony Knobs
Headstock Overlay East Indian Rosewood S S S Ovangkol Ebony East Indian Rosewood Ebony
Fretboard East Indian Rosewood S S S S Ebony S S
Bridge East Indian Rosewood S S S S Ebony S S
Strings EXL-16 S S S S S S S
Body Binding White Plastic Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Mahogany / 0.5mm Maple Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Maple / Vn. Rosewood 1mm Padauk / 0.5mm Maple Padauk 6mm / B 0.5mm / Maple 0.5mm
Fretboard Binding East Indian Rosewood S S Ebony Pakauk Vn. Rosewood Padauk Padauk
Headstock Binding Padauk Vn. Rosewood Padauk Padauk
Top Purfling BWB B / Maple 2mm / B Maple 0.5mm Padauk / Maple 2mm / B B / Maple 2mm / B Vn.Rosewood 1mm B / Maple 2mm / B BWB / 2mm Abalone BWB
Rosette BW / Abalone / WB BWB / 13mm Vietnamese Rosewood BWB Maple 2mm / B / Mahogany 3mm / WBW / Vn. Rosewood 5mm / WBW W 0.5mm/ Padauk 4mm/ Abalone 4mm/ Padauk 4mm/ w 0.5mm 0.5W / Ovangkol 4mm / Abalone 4mm / Ovangkol 4mm / 0.5 W Ebony 0.5m / Vn.Rosewood 4mm / Abalone 4mm / Vn.Rosewood 4mm / Ebony 0.5mm W 0.5mm / Rosewood 4mm / Abalone 4mm / Rosewood 4mm / W 0.5mm B / Padauk 1mm / W / Abalone-3mm / W / Padauk 1mm / B
Top, Back, Sides & Headstock Finish Gloss S S S S S S S
Neck Finish Satin S S S S S S S
Hardshell Case S S S S S S S S
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